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A humble message from our CEO/Founder:

Thank you for your time and consideration in standing with Veterans ready for a change.

Are you a business?

- Develop a strategic partnership with SHF.
- Branding with a cause creates "purpose."
- It helps your product or service to stand out.
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- Your generous contribution is tax deductible.
- We are 100% transparent in how it helps and where it goes.
- Phase I through IV programs are centered on benefiting the integration of Veterans, which benefits community neighbors.
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- Multiple committees, Events, and Social Media.
- In-kind donations of products or services
- Mentoring, Consulting, and other Professional skills
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"The time and money you invest in us is an investment that you personally, or someone you love, will receive a great benefit from."

-CEO/Founder/U.S. Veteran "Cowboy" Jax Young

"By using entertainment as a vehicle to promote awareness, our goal is to ensure that every Veteran has the basic financial means, community resources, and local battle buddy support to enable them to live as a sustainable community neighbor. As always, we are 100 percent transparent in our operations. Please contact us with any direct questions, comments, and/or concerns at or contact our CFO, David A. Reed, at, for an update on our current operational status. We want you to have the confidence to know exactly where every dollar of your generous contributions is going. Thank you for your support."