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Pay Online

To pay off your loan, please contact the bank before making any online payments.

Make a payment quickly, easily, and securely by selecting to pay with one of the available payment methods below.

All payments received after 7:00 PM ET may be processed the following business day.

Weekend/Holiday payments will be processed the next business day.

Please note that a non-refundable payment fee will be added to your transaction and will appear as a separate line item on your bank account or credit card statement.

Bank of Columbia has partnered with to provide you with the option of making a credit/debit card payment. A non-refundable payment fee of 3.5% of the transaction amount ($2.95 minimum fee) for credit/debit card payments is charged by to cover the processing costs associated with handling credit card and electronic debit payments.

In addition, your card issuer may consider a loan payment from a credit card a cash advance and impose a transaction fee.

Major Credit Card

A 3.50% Fee will be added (Minimum Fee: $2.95).